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Frequently Asked Questions

* Where are you located? We do not have a facility. All of our animals reside in foster homes until adopted. We rely on adoption events on weekends to showcase our adoptable animals. If you are interested in meeting one of our animals, we ask that you first complete an adoption application so we can make sure you would qualify as an adopter for that certain animal. Remember that completing an application does not obligate you to adopt. We want to make sure you would be a good fit for that animal before taking the time from our schedule and yours for that meet and greet.

* What is your adoption fee? Our adoption fee for puppies & dogs is $125. The adoption fee on kittens is $100 and the fee for adult cats is $50.

* Hold old do I have to be to adopt? We do require that an adopter be 21 years of age or older. Anyone younger would require a co-signer.

* Can I adopt an animal as a gift for someone? No, we do not allow our animals to be adopted to someone that plans to gift the animal to someone else. Our adoption application and subsequent contract must be completed by the person that will be the owner and caregiver for the animal.

* What are the adoption requirements? Each animal has different needs. We take each application into consideration based on the type of home and family we think would work best with the animal you are applying for. Veterinary references are always required. Homes visits are performed at our discretion. 

* How long does the adoption process take? That answer depends on several factors. Some of our animals are fully vetted and ready to leave our care. Some are awaiting more veterinary care such as being spayed/neutered or more vaccinations before they can be released from our care. Additionally, our organization is run by volunteers. Everyone in our group has a full time job and we all do rescue work in our spare time. This means it could take a few days before we are able to review adoption applications, perform vet reference checks, etc. Puppies, kittens and popular dog breeds usually bring a great interest and due to the influx in applications we receive on those, the process time could take longer than usual as it takes time to go through all the applications. Our process is not on a first come first served basis. We take the time to go through each application to make sure we find the best home and fit for the animal.

* Where can I bring a found animal that I cannot care for? There are many many rescue groups in our area that you can try reaching out to and ask if they would have room. Honestly, most of the time rescues are full and will not have an opening but you may get lucky and find one to take that animal in for you. If you don't have luck with that and really cannot care for that animal, you would need to reach out to your local animal shelter. No one likes to see an animal go to a shelter, but they do stand a better chance there than they do left on the streets.

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